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The Parachute Project helps employers retain their foreign talent by securing H-1B visas without the unpredictability of the lottery.

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Sponsoring an H-1B Visa

Only 10% of all applicants successfully acquire a Visa each year with the H-1B lottery system–and only once a year.

The Parachute Project allows global talent to secure a cap-exempt H-1B Visa, which means your employee attains their visa faster, year round, and without the uncertainty of the lottery.

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Become a Mentor for The Parachute Project

Your employee will work part-time for The Parachute Project, a cap-exempt non-profit organization, under the cap-exempt H-1B visa. They will contribute to the career development of university students at our partnered universities.


File for a concurrent H-1B visa

Once the employee has their approved cap-exempt visa, they are eligible to work for their concurrent employer immediately upon filng their H-1B petition with no gap in employment.


Employee works full-time without visa stress

Your employee will work full-time without visa complications while working part-time with The Parachute Project.


Sponsor an employee without the complexity of the lottery and help shape the future of the US workforce.

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